Corrugated Products

Gemini Packaging Solutions offers stock and custom sized constructed boxes to fit your packaging needs.  Corrugated boxes are still the number one choice for safely delivering products to your customers. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, with varying wall strengths and purposes.  

Chipboard and Linerboards are produced from recycled materials which are made into slip sheets. They are designed to protect palletized products from damage during storage, handling, and shipping. Our lightweight, cost-effective sheets protect your packaged materials against punctures and tears caused by nails and rough pallets. The high strength linerboard can also serve as a moisture-resistant barrier between the ground and your product, preventing mold and mildew. Give Gemini Packaging Solutions a call to request a quote for the right product for your upcoming shipping needs.

Stock & Custom Boxes

Corrugated Bins & Trays

Single Face Corrugated

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